10 May 2007

Plastic or Melted Plastic?

In today's Dinette Set, Burl and Joy misunderstand the purpose of plastic utensils, leading the reader to mutter out loud:
  • It's a wonder people this stupid have a functioning autonomic nervous system. Seriously.
  • How much did Solo pay for product placement? How much will they sue for when they find out what they got for their marketing dollars?
  • "You were smart to use...it will make for?" Could you please pick a damn tense and stick with it?

1 comment:

jake said...

it's panels like this that really highlight the sophistication and wit of that other "slice of life" comic strip, pluggers.

seriously, brevity is...the soul of...something: "a plugger always uses his best dishware." (picture of plugger with plastic plate in hand.) HOLY SHIT, I'M GONNA SUBMIT THAT RIGHT NOW!