16 November 2007

Shuttle Bus from Hell

Today's Dinette Set doesn't make much sense, if you ask me, and since you bothered to come here, I'll assume you are asking me, if only in some small way.

I simply cannot make anything of the fact that Carnegie Mall has shuttle busses.

I don't know if these ladies are at Carnegie Mall or another mall.

I don't know where Burl and Joy are.

Mostly, however I don't understand how anyone leaving the mall will be able to open their car door.

1 comment:

Corgihound said...

I think that the purpose of the cartoon was to highlight the irony that the "Mall Walkers" who, ostensibly, "walk" the Mall for EXERCISE, are "too lazy" to WALK out to their own cars! Heaven forbid walking an additional 300 feet or so....!

I think the cartoon is hilarious, like ALL of the Dinette Set pieces. (I still think of this cartoon as "Suburban Torture!)

Brava, Julie Larson!