14 November 2007

Feed the World

Today's Dinette Set, features people unclear on the concept on the textual and meta-textual level. That Burl does not understand should come as a surprise to absolutely no one. That the artist tortures the English language in a desperate attempt to make this joke fit into the setup also should come as a surprise to no one.

Not that it's not annoying as hell and totally unecessary. Assuming the artist is not paid by the word, I suggest the following:

Timmy: Did you know millions of kids in other countries go to bed hungry?
Burl: Relax. I'm going to finish everything on my plate.

At that point, all one needs to do is draw a comically over-stacked plate of food. Which, I know, is asking too much.


Millard said...

I don't think I could agree more. What a convoluted way to make a "point". Wow.

Pinball said...

Does it bother anyone else that the guy over to the left is using his right hand to try to stuff a cookie through his left cheek?

E-R-O-X said...

What the heck is "Roast Bee"? Is it as delicious as it sounds? Yum!

jake said...

today's (11/15/07) comic is not that horrible, until you notice the GIGANTIC PLUG FOR CAFE PRESS CRAPOLA right in the middle of the frame.

...wow, and the quality/prices of said cafe press shop deserve their own post. (cafe press basic t-shirts start at $13.99. Ms. Larson here has most of her's priced at $22-23.