05 November 2007

Emergency Services

I have to keep this short today, because I'm off to dial 911. No, not in anticipation of a bloody car-on-Rascal accident. Repeated reading of The Dinette Set, and the attendant forehead smacking, has resulted in fairly severe cranial damage.

At any rate, all I will say about this particular vignette is that you can file it under "Conversations no human being has ever had; set in an Escheresque landscape."


Millard said...

Hmm - so do you think the auteur intended to make a joke by having the bumper sticker read "DO NOT FOLLOW" in mirror script or do you think she's just too dumb to realize that that doesn't work for bumper stickers the way "ECNALUBMA" works on the FRONT of certain vehicles?

Kevin said...

shes too dumb to figure that out. how is this comic still in production. ive never laughed