15 November 2007

Feed the Artist

Today's Dinette Set could be about anything, anything at all. It doesn't matter. Because at the end of the day it's just about a gigantic plug for Dinette Set merchandise.

I feel compelled to note that Bill Watterson, the creator of the greatest comic strip ever, was never willing to sully his creation by merchandising it.


E-R-O-X said...

Now that's chutzpah. I mean, real brass cojones.

There are two things that I've come to learn here: this artist really doesn't believe in lettering with a straightedge or even with some foresight (see: compressed "thedinetteset"), and this artist doesn't really do merch well.

I mean, Cafepress is for people just breaking into the biz, trying to merch some random slogan from their website at zero startup cost. A real comic artist oughta be able to scrounge up a proper merch site.

Vicki said...

Oh I feel so good!!! Just got all my Christmas shopping done! Shirts, caps,cards, aprons, cups and I even bought 12 license plate holders for stocking stuffers!! Thank you Julie and the Cafepress for making my gift buying so easy this year!

jake said...

julie larson is a soulless hack.